Creative Residency Program

A creative residency at Dreamfarm is a chance to spend focused time in an inspiring natural setting in order to develop meaningful creative projects. Each participant rents a private studio, as both a residence and a creative workspace, for stays of two or four weeks.

Residencies at Dreamfarm are entirely self-directed, and self-catered, allowing the flexibility to work autonomously and follow your own creative process. A Dreamfarm residency is a rare opportunity to gather ideas, refine skills, research, experiment, grow and produce new work. At Dreamfarm, you can dream big, break free and let your imagination run wild.

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Residency Seasons


Sep 27 - Oct 25 2021

Sep 26 - Oct 24 2022

See Tasmania’s many faces; warm sun, frost, rain and rushing local waterfalls. A wonderful time to search for inspiration, explore the land and encounter new emerging life.



Nov 22 - Dec 20 2021

Nov 21 - Dec 19 2022

Long, warm days invite you out into the forest and to cool off in the creek. A time to discuss new ideas, develop projects and explore the mountains, beaches and local villages.



Mar 1 - Mar 29 2021

Mar 7 - Apr 4   2022

A comforting time of year to share a bottle of wine, philosophise, reflect and daydream. Enjoy crisp evenings around a crackling warm fire circle under the stars.



May 3 - May 31 2021

May 2 - May 30 2022

Escape distraction and dive deep into your art. Peruse the eclectic library or settle in beside the roaring open fire to write, compose, experiment and complete unfinished projects.

The Grand Studio
Studio Accommodation
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Creative Studios
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Each studio at Dreamfarm has its own special character. All studios have good natural light and come comfortably furnished with working desks, double or single beds, bedding provided. Suitable for one or two people.

For an exceptional retreat experience, this expansive wood lined studio features large windows, a private balcony and panoramic views of the valley. Suitable for one to four people.