Creative Residency Program

A creative residency at Dreamfarm is a chance to spend focused time in an inspiring natural setting in order to develop meaningful creative projects. Each participant rents a private studio, as both a residence and a creative workspace, for stays of two or four weeks.

Residencies at Dreamfarm are entirely self-directed, and self-catered, allowing the flexibility to work autonomously and follow your own creative process. A Dreamfarm residency is a rare opportunity to gather ideas, refine skills, research, experiment, grow and produce new work. At Dreamfarm, you can dream big, break free and let your imagination run wild.

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Residency Seasons


Sep 27 - Oct 25 2021

Sep 26 - Oct 24 2022

See Tasmania’s many faces; warm sun, frost, rain and rushing local waterfalls. A wonderful time to search for inspiration, explore the land and encounter new emerging life.



Nov 22 - Dec 20 2021

Nov 21 - Dec 19 2022

Long, warm days invite you out into the forest and to cool off in the creek. A time to discuss new ideas, develop projects and explore the mountains, beaches and local villages.



Mar 1 - Mar 29 2021

Mar 7 - Apr 4   2022

A comforting time of year to share a bottle of wine, philosophise, reflect and daydream. Enjoy crisp evenings around a crackling warm fire circle under the stars.



May 3 - May 31 2021

May 2 - May 30 2022

Escape distraction and dive deep into your art. Peruse the eclectic library or settle in beside the roaring open fire to write, compose, experiment and complete unfinished projects.

The Grand Studio
Studio Accommodation
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Creative Studios
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Each studio at Dreamfarm has its own special character. All studios have good natural light and come comfortably furnished with working desks, double or single beds, bedding provided. Suitable for one or two people.

For an exceptional retreat experience, this expansive wood lined studio features large windows, a private balcony and panoramic views of the valley. Suitable for one to four people.


Residency Facilities

  • Open Studio: a large, carpeted, open plan room which is ideal for dance or movement sessions, rehearsals and group activities. Activities can be scheduled in the Open Studio such as morning yoga, evening dance, meetings or performances.
  • Garage Workshop: well equipped covered space for artisan crafts and practical projects.
  • Kitchen: has a fridge, oven and stove top, and cooking equipment.
  • Library: the library houses an eclectic collection of interesting books. Topics include art technique, philosophy, mythology, cooking and environmental science, plus some classic fiction and a selection of games.
  • Lounge & Dining Room: a great place to gather for a meal or enjoy a cup of tea by the fire.
  • Bathrooms: there are several shared bathrooms within the retreat centre.
  • Hot Tub: Dreamfarm has a large, wood-fired cedar barrel hot tub which is lit on special occasions.
  • Outdoor Space: ample open space and natural areas can be used for creative projects.

Creative Materials

Art supplies: there are an assortment of supplies on hand including artist colour pencils, graphites, pastels, inks, brushes, sketchpads and paper. Specialist art supplies can be purchased from Artery in Hobart. Craft materials: there are some materials, basic equipment and odds and ends for sewing, textiles other crafty projects. A great range of recycled materials are availablethe South Hobart Tip Shop. Tools: the workshop is loaded with basic hand tools, a range of power tools and a few specialist items, suitable for carpentry and other 3D projects. Musical instruments: various instruments are available including an upright piano (tuned slightly lower in pitch), guitars, ukuleles, banjo, violin, flute, bansuri and trumpet.

Program Information

Meals Participants prepare their own meals throughout the residency. Meals are often a conversational time, where ideas are discussed and stories are shared, eaten in the communal dining room. Each week the wider Dreamfarm community gather for a potluck dinner, where everyone contributes a dish to the feast. Analogue Living Dreamfarm is an intentionally low-tech creative environment, with no mobile phone reception and strictly limited internet access, which offers a great opportunity to unplug from the outside world and reconnect with your natural creative rhythms. Productivity is often enhanced by spending more time outside, sitting by the creek or going for walks in the forest. Local Transport Dreamfarm is a 45 minute drive south of Hobart. We can provide a Hobart/airport pickup and drop off service for residency participants for a fee. The nearest shopping town is Huonville, which has a bus service to Hobart. Participants without a vehicle will be taken on shopping trips to Huonville weekly. For those wanting to explore some of Tasmania during the residency, we recommend that you hire a car. Ripley the Dog Ripley, our resident border collie, is a very special member of the Dreamfarm family. She is very good natured and loves people, but can occasionally be boisterous. Naturalist Friendly
The Dreamfarm property is naturalist friendly; clothing and swimwear are optional. Participants are advised that nudity may be present.

Studio Fees

Participants pay studio rental fees during their residency at Dreamfarm. For self-funded participants: Grand Studio rental - $350 per week Creative Studio rental - $250 per week Additional artist (shared) - $150 per week For participants with funding support: Grand Studio rental - $700 per week Creative Studio rental - $500 per week Additional artist (shared) - $200 per week Prices in Australian dollars.

Community Guidelines

Care for Ourselves. Care for Each Other.
Each person at Dreamfarm is responsible for our own personal safety and are accountable for our actions and behaviour. Our self awareness and compassionate nature is highly valued.
Care for the Environment. Leave No Trace.
It is each person's responsibility leave Dreamfarm how we found it, for future visitors to enjoy. We are respectful of the natural environment and careful with the community resources. If we damage something, we pay for repair or replacement. Active Contribution Dreamfarm differs from other creative centres in that we function as a cooperative artisan village. Part of our community practice is that everybody shares domestic responsibilities. We ask all participants to spend approximately an hour each day contributing to the upkeep and improvement of the shared facilities. Duties may include basic household tasks, cleaning, gardening or site maintenance work. Site Rules Participants are required to follow the Dreamfarm Site Rules throughout the residency. These include restrictions on the use of chemicals, fire and smoking.

Information for Applicants

Application & Invitation Process The creative residency program is open to all adults - individuals or small groups. Applications are accepted through our webform, by the relevant due date. Applications are assessed based on project merit and compatability with the Dreamfarm mission. The most suitable applicants will be invited to book into the residency program. In order to accept their residency place, successful applicants must pay their booking deposit within the prescribed time frame. Access Dreamfarm is not wheelchair accessible due to rough natural terrain and stairs. Applicants with limited mobility or health related concerns are requested to contact Dreamfarm staff to discuss suitability before attending. Travel It is each participant's responsibility to arrange and pay for their own travel to Tasmania. Dreamfarm is unable to assist with obtaining an Australian visa. We recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance. Guests Accommodation and site access is for residency participants only. Children and other non-participating family members may not attend. Project collaborators may be invited to visit, with the approval of the program manager. This may incur additional fees. The Creative Residency Terms and Conditions can be read here.